Deck and Fence Repairs

Fences and decks are constantly exposed to outdoor conditions. While they are designed to handle these conditions, wear and tear takes its toll. You need reliable and experienced repair professionals to fix the damage while keeping these structures in good condition. At Custom Deck and Fence, we have worked on hundreds of deck and fence related projects and are very familiar with this field. We provide a wide range of services and straightforward advice.

Expert Deck Repair Austin

Decks can develop a number of problems due to constant exposure to the elements. This is especially true if they’re not maintained well or protected properly. As experienced professionals, we know how to carry out thorough maintenance and repairs using proven techniques. Our team can handle all kinds of deck repairs like:

  •  Replacing damaged deck boards or sections.
  •  Repairing or replacing damaged deck railings.
  •  Removing popped nails and screws.
  •  Dealing with mold, rot, and mildew.
  •  Pest control.
  •  Repairing and strengthening the structural integrity of deck stairs.
  •  Making sure all hardware is in good condition.

These are just some of the many repairs we can handle. Our team assesses the deck carefully to determine what kind of problems it has first. They then provide a detailed quote along with some recommendations. You can trust our experts to only suggest repairs or replacements if they are truly required.

Reliable Deck Maintenance Austin

 The best way to avoid deck-related problems is to ensure this structure is maintained well. With preventive maintenance, we repair issues before they can cause too much damage to the structure. Regular deck maintenance will also extend the structure’s lifespan. Here’s a look at what is included in our deck maintenance services:

  • Staining and Sealing – Staining adds color to the surface and brings out the grain pattern of a wood. It helps the deck look more elegant, which adds to the beauty of your property. Sealing doesn’t just protect the finish, but also ensures the deck surface is protected from the elements. It’s a good idea to reapply this sealant to keep the deck protected.
  • Cleaning – Dirt, grime, dust, and debris don’t just compromise the beauty of the deck, but can also damage it. They are corrosive and will compromise the physical integrity of the structure if left unattended. We can pressure wash the entire surface to remove stubborn layers of dirt and grime completely from the surface. This thorough cleaning extends the deck’s lifespan while ensuring the surface look great.

We also provide advice on preventive cleaning and maintenance that clients can do without professional assistance. This involves thoroughly sweeping and mopping during spring and fall to ensure there’s no harmful debris on the deck during the wet season.

 Fence Contractor Austin TX – Perfect Fence Repair

A fence improves the security and privacy of your property, which is why it is a great addition to any home. Like all outdoor installations, weather conditions can take their toll on fences as well. These structures can develop a wide array of problems over time, which can compromise their physical integrity. A weak and damaged fence doesn’t offer any security or privacy. We have handled a lot of fence repair and replacement projects over the years so we can make sure the structure is as good as new. Here’s a look at the problems we can handle:

  •  Replacing damaged or rotten posts, slates, and pickets.
  •  Addressing problems like mold, mildew, and pest infestations.
  •  Replacing missing sections.
  •  Adding new sections to improve security or privacy.
  •  Repairing damage caused by severe storms or harsh weather conditions.

If more than 20% of the fence is damaged or has rot, it’s a good idea to replace it completely. The rot will spread to other sections regardless of the repairs done. Our team will let you know if a full replacement is needed after inspection. Fence repair experts will use the latest techniques, spare parts, and solutions to make sure the fence is structurally sound.

Austin Fence Company – Expert Maintenance

Preventive maintenance and repairs can go a long way to ensure your fence remains in good condition. If you get yearly maintenance done, the structure will experience fewer problems and wouldn’t need to be replaced too soon. Our team knows how to carry out thorough preventive maintenance on fences of all designs, materials, and sizes. We take the following steps to ensure the installation is structurally sound:

  •  Clean the posts, slates, and pickets thoroughly to remove corrosive dirt and grime.
  •  Repair areas with mold or water damage early to ensure the problem doesn’t spread too far.
  •  Sand and refinish fence posts to ensure the material is protected from the environment. Refinishing also helps the fence look brand new.
  • Fix crooked or lopsided posts to ensure the fence doesn’t have any vulnerabilities.

Regular maintenance ensures you don’t have to face many serious repairs down the line. It can help you save a lot of money in the long run, which makes the initial investment worth it.

Picket Fence Austin

Picket fences look charming and give your property a rustic feel. However, these installations must look great and remain in good shape to ensure your property’s outdoor beauty isn’t impacted. We can carry out repair, maintenance, and replacement of picket fences to ensure these installations always look great.

Texas Deck Experts

We’re one of the best deck and fence repairs company in Austin and offer reliable services. Our establishment has been a part of this industry since 2002 so we have ample experience in the field. Every employee is honest, straightforward, and meticulous. They will double check all repairs to ensure that nothing has been overlooked. We focus on customer satisfaction and make sure the end results are according to your expectations. Our team will inspect, provide a report, and repair promptly so you can be sure your deck and fences are back in good shape quickly.

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