Power Washing

Power washing is crucial for preparing most wood surfaces for staining. We have top of the line cold water power washers, and our employees are professionally trained in their use. Dirt, mold, and algae that have accumulated for years can be removed in hours, replaced by a renewed look. We do an exceptional job cleaning all types of wood, as well as composite material, hardie, vinyl, stucco, brick, and stone.

We are an environmentally friendly company in Austin, meaning we rely solely on the prodigious force of 4000 PSI to do the cleaning. We don't lean on brighteners, cleaners, or any chemical strippers. They're unnecessary when you have the right equipment and well trained employees.

We're all about the details at CD&F and it shows in our commitment to getting the little things right. Our workers take the time to snap pictures of where your deck furniture was, so it's returned to its' rightful spot. We rinse power washed areas thoroughly and avoid potential trouble spots like flaking paint on adjoining surfaces. Simply put, our goal is to set the bar a little higher every day.

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